Alert Us of a Café Closure

Nobody likes to see a café close. But we need to highlight each closure to bring awareness to this growing trend, and to honor the cafés we’ve lost. You can help be our eyes and ears on the ground. If you see a café that’s shuttered, snap a photo and make a note of its details, then contact us and we’ll post it on our site. Likewise, if you know of an endangered cafe, we will share that as well.

To notify us about a recently closed, or endangered, café, please supply the following information via our Contact Form:

  • Café name and address
  • Date of closure (or impending closure if endangered)
  • How long café had been in continuous use (guestimate okay)
  • Owner’s name (if you know)
  • A blurb about why the café closed (if you know), or will be closing (for an endangered café)

We will arrange for you to send us your photo or photos of the shuttered café (or photos before it closed), once we receive your email.

In memorium: Café La Comète, a favorite meeting place with a large terrace near Bazaar de l’Hôtel de Ville. It was closed as part of the sweeping gentrification of Rue des Archives, and still sits empty (though sometimes hosts pop-up shops). “Before” photo courtesy of Google Maps.

Featured image top of page: Le Muscadet, 11th arrondissement. It got a radical makeover under a new owner, and now looks like a Brooklyn wine bar, replete with metal stools and naked Edison bulb lamps—a popular trend in Paris these days.

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