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Want to be part of Save the Paris Café, a community project that celebrates café culture, and promotes local cafés? Share your stories, photos, and more right here. We welcome writers, photographers, videographers, artists, restaurateurs—anyone who wants to spread the love about cafés, and extol the virtues of Paris café life.


You can contribute content for our site in a few ways:
(See “Material/File Requirements” here.)

  1. Submit photos or other artwork (with credit and/or social media handle, as appropriate)
    1. To be used throughout the site as needed, including Save the Paris Café blog posts, and in social media posts
  2. Write articles (with byline/short bio at end of article)
    1. One-off article
    1. Monthly column
    1. Weekly quick-posts (photo with a description of 350 words or less)
  3. Create video stories (with credit and possible link to your Vimeo or Youtube page, if appropriate)
    1. Photo montages celebrating a favorite café or cafés
    1. Interviews regarding cafés and café life
    1. Video essays, etc.

Example topics include (but we are open to all ideas):

  1. Photos/artwork
    1. Photos are a critical part of celebrating and showcasing cafés and café life. All café images are welcome, color and black/white, from full facades to interiors to details. Photos that tell a story are especially welcome. We prefer photos that have not been published before, with the exception of social media.
    2. Illustrations or other artwork also welcome. To be used similarly to photos. Must be original and not previously published or commissioned.
  2. Articles (English and French welcome)
    1. Anything that supports the mission of Save the Paris Café—celebrating cafés and café life, or highlighting a specific café; stories creating awareness about a specific issue regarding cafés or a specific café.
      1. One-off articles: Minimum 700 words. From essays to interviews to hard-hitting journalism—all are welcome
      1. Monthly column: Minimum 500 words. any theme relating to celebrating cafés (café showcase, reviews, etc.), or highlighting the issues of the day for local cafés
      1. Weekly quick-posts: Photo with a description of 350 words or less.These work best for highlighting specific cafés and are meant to be visual.
  3. Videos
    1. We are open to all submissions of ideas for video content relating to the mission of Save the Paris Café.

You can contribute ideas & information, too!
(See “Material/File Requirements” here.)

  • Nominate your favorite café(s) for a profile
    1. Supply café name, address, owner’s name (if you know it), photo(s), and a blurb about what makes the café special
  • Alert us about an endangered café
    1. Supply café name, address, owner’s name (if you know it), photo(s), and a blurb about what makes the café worth preserving
  • Notify us about a recently closed café
    1. Supply café name and date of closure, address, owner’s name (if you know it), photo(s) of the café shuttered (or before/after if you have them), and a blurb about why it closed, if you know it.


File Submission:

All files must be submitted as outlined in our Material/File Requirements.


We ask that all contributors promote their pieces (articles, columns, video, etc.) via their own promotions, e.g., social media accounts, newsletters, etc. It helps us spread the word about the project and the wonders of the Paris café life.

We will also promote your article or photo via our promotion channels. The Save the Paris Café project will also be promoted via social media, marketing stunts, and PR.


All contributors will receive a photo credit or byline, and a bio (both on our contributors’ page and below your article), which can link to any website of your choice, and/or social media accounts. (Feel free to promote your site or service, blog or Instagram account, or even a link to buy your book, if you have one). We want readers to know a bit about those who eat, work, and hang out in cafés, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a coach or a real estate agent, we’ll be happy to let you promote your latest project in your bio. This constitutes the sole compensation for your contribution. Save the Paris Café does not collect any funds or donations for this project, nor will we be accepting advertising. Your content is your way of supporting this important cause.

Rights and Usage:

The contributor is solely responsible to ensure their content conforms with local rights and usage laws, and has not been obtained in a way that is unlawful. Save the Paris Café is not liable for any contributor content that breaches rights and usage laws.

Articles: Save the Paris Café cannot run any work previously published, except for book excerpts, if allowed by author/publisher. All original articles written for Save the Paris Café are exclusive to the site, and cannot be republished, repurposed, or reproduced, without written consent by Save the Paris Café, granted in advance of submission. By submitting your article to Save the Paris Café you agree to our exclusivity terms.

Photography: We will not run photos previously published or commissioned for another publication. This does not include photos you have posted on social media, or that is being excerpted from your book. You must be able to prove you have taken the photo, and have the right to submit for publication.

Artwork: We will not run artwork previously published or commissioned for another publication. This does not include anything you have posted on social media or that is being excerpted from your book. You must be able to prove the artwork is yours, and you have the right to submit for publication.

Video: You must have the rights to the footage and for any music used in your video. Contributor is solely responsible to acquire said rights and any film releases of talent featured, or prove that waivers were garnered.

Site visitors (non-contributors) who share content and images on Pinterest, or other sites/social media, must attribute said content to the creator and Save the Paris Café. Abuses will not be tolerated.

To learn more about material/file requirements for contributors, go here.

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