Café Photo of the Week: An Homage

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Un Beau Souvenir, by Lisa Anselmo

©Lisa Anselmo

We’re breaking our rules a bit today to pay homage to a wonderful longstanding family-owned restaurant in Montmartre, La Pomponette, which has recently closed its doors, perhaps another victim of the rampant gentrification/corporatization affecting the 18th arrondissement, and all of Paris.

Opened in 1909 by Arthur Delcroix, La Pomponette was frequented by his artist friends, like Francisque Poulbot et Eugène “Gen” Paul, whose works hung on the walls. Four generations of his family have lovingly tended the restaurant, which was a piece of Montmartre history for 100 years.

The decor never changed, maintaining the true charm of the artists’ village and the life that is unique to the Montmartrois. In 2014, the restaurant closed for two weeks—not for renovation, but for a restoration, when an artisan repaired the ancient floor tiles, one by one. That’s a family’s love.

I shot this photo that same year, while dining with my dear friend, writer/blogger Lisa Taylor Huff (The Bold Soul), with whom I co-founded No Love Locks. Lisa passed in 2015, so this photo is all I have of both her and the restaurant—a beautiful memory that will last even in times of change.

La Pompinette was located at 42 Rue Lepic, 18ème.
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