Café Photo of the Week

Café Photo of the Week is published every Wednesday, and showcases photography from our staff, contributors, and readers.

Improvising, by Andrew Gentry

©Andrew Gentry

Parisians are getting desperate without their cafés, which have been shut in an effort to mitigate the spread of Covid-19. This Parisian is lucky enough to have a terrace, and recreated his café experience in an effort to normalize the situation. This was sent to us as a gag, but we felt it worth sharing, as proof of how important café culture is to Paris and France. Send us your home café photos!

One of Andrew’s favorite cafés:
La Fronde, 33 Rue des Archives, 4ème.

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3 thoughts on “Café Photo of the Week”

    1. This image was taken in the beginning of confinement here in Paris. (At first we didn’t realize which photo you were commenting on!) But now terraces are open, so we’re looking for photos of your favorite places after the reopening. 🙂


  1. When you visit a restaurant you look for a good place with good food. A well-maintained restaurant attracts more customers than the regular one. Thank you for sharing the article with us. Keep sharing.


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