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On Pause, by Lisa Anselmo

©Lisa Anselmo

This popular spot in the 11th boasts a generous terrace loaded with tables. That doesn’t me you can always find a free place. Today, though, the name of this café takes on a whole new meaning—on pause since mid-March due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Now, it sits empty, our lives on pause with it. We await the day when it is all set in motion again, and we have to fight once more for a place in the sun on the terrace of Pause Café.

Une pause-café means “coffee break.”

Pause Café, 41 Rue de Charonne, 11ème.

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3 thoughts on “Café Photo of the Week”

  1. A lovely little cafe. We will all understand after this what a joy it is to sit at one of these tables and watch people go by.


  2. Maybe on some level we need to stop collectively fighting the inner stillness of which the pandemic-enforced outer quietude is but a reflection before we can score the chance to fight again for a place in the sun on the terrace of any café.
    Why does the caged bird sing? Can we do the same, in our own way?


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